Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to connect to CRM 2011 Online using BIDS

If your like me, and your Windows LiveID belongs to multiple Dynamics CRM 2011 Online deployments, you may have an issue when you try to connect and create an SSRS report using the Business Intelligence Studio and the BIDS component.

By default, if you provide the CRM 2011 URL in the connection string, the BIDS component will pick the first CRM Organization in the list of orgs - even if you specify the Organization in the URL (not good).

To ensure that you are connected to the correct Organization, include the full URL and the Organization's unique name in the Connection String parmeters

Connection string:;

Absolute Connection string:;crmnaorgfbc80/;

You will find your unique CRM Online organization name under the Settings/Customizations/DeveloperResources area

Here is an example of the full Connection string